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Find Speedway Express Wagons, handmade Amish wagons, aluminum carts, and other Amish accessories from Lancaster County, PA, here at Wagon Sales.  Whether used as a toy for kids, beach wagon, garden cart, pull cart or farm equipment, these Amish wagons & aluminum carts provide lasting durability and quality artistry.

Built Better to Serve You Longer

For centuries the Amish have been known for their fine handmade products. From small toy wagons to aluminum utility carts, all Speedway Express products have been constructed with keen attention to every detail. All Speedway Express Wagons and aluminum carts conform to strict specifications, from no-tilt auto-turn steering and ball bearing wheels to welded steel framework for handling heavy loads. Sturdy and well built for a long life, Speedway Express wagons and carts provide years of service and enjoyment for your family from generation to generation. Basic wagons run from $106 to $679, while aluminum dumpers range from $422 to $515.

Your Choice of Tires

Choose from a variety of different tires, such as turf tires, smooth rib tires, sawtooth tires, or flat free tires. Also available are our tandem and double tandem wagons with higher load capacity.  The higher load capacities allow you to transport heavier materials such as animal feed, bags of sand or soil, and much more.

Product Reviews

The Neat Things in Life

"The wagon is made with sturdy hardwood and heavy gauge steel, the sides are both stapled and glued to give the wagon a stronger bond. We found the wagon to be very well made, I love how the sides can be easily removed, which will allow for transporting bigger objects."

Daydreaming Realist

"The wagon that I have is really spacious and can handle a lot of tasks. I filled it with a few bags of mulch, flower pots, basket liners and plants--and had room to spare. I love that it's a portable work area, essentially, so I can move it anywhere I need to go very quickly. The finished, wooden surface is very easy to clean. I keep a piece of cardboard around to put on the bottom when I'm afraid of damaging the surface, but it's proven to be very work-worthy.

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Wagon Sales in Center County, PA, is an online distributor of authentic Amish wagons, carts, and dumpers. Whether used as a toy for kids, garden cart, beach wagon, or farm equipment, our Amish wagons and aluminum carts provide lasting durability and quality artistry. Speedway Express Wagons' products are manufactured by the Pennsylvania Amish in Lancaster County. The Ohio Amish in Holmes County make Berlin Flyer Wagons.

Established in 2012, we strive to provide kind and courteous service to our customers. Count on us for timely shipping, generally within two business days of your order. Shipping times may vary depending on your location. We provide custom quotes and special orders to accommodate your needs for replacement parts and work with you directly to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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