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Authentic Amish Wagons Made With Quality
From Lancaster County, PA & Holmes County, OH
Amish Wagons

Save on Sturdy, Long Lasting, Authentic Amish

Wooden Wagons & More

 from Lancaster County, PA & Holmes County, OH

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#320 Plastic Bed Wagon

#580 Utility Wagon

#800 Wooden Bed Wagon

24" x 40" Bed Size
13" x 6" Turf Tires

#1027 Aluminum Dumper

Dependable Amish Products Made with Dignity

Find Speedway Express Wagons (handmade Amish wagons, aluminum dumpers and quality accessories) from Lancaster County, PA, here at Wagon Sales.  Whether you are looking for little red wagons, pull along wagons for kids, beach wagons, all-terrain wagons, garden carts, or utility wagons, farm wagons or wheelbarrows; these wooden wagons & aluminum dump carts provide you lasting durability and quality artistry.

Built Better to Serve You Longer

For centuries the Amish have been known for their quality handmade products. From small wooden kids wagons to aluminum dump carts, all Speedway Express products have been constructed with keen and canny attention to every detail. All Speedway Express Wagons comply to strict specifications, from no-tilt auto-turn steering and ball bearing wheels to welded steel undercarriage, for handling heavy loads. Sturdy and well built for a long life, Speedway Express wagons provide years of service and enjoyment for your family from generation to generation. Wooden wagons range from $106 to $679, while aluminum dumpers reach $367 to $457.

Your Choice of Tires

Choose from a variety of different tires, such as turf tires, smooth rib tires, sawtooth tires, or flat free tires. Also available are our strong tandem and double tandem wooden wagons with higher load capacity. The higher load capacities allow you to transport heavier materials such as animal feed, bags of sand or soil, and much more.